Welcome to Centre Tamaris


We have created a welcoming, atypical and elegant place with a soothing atmosphere. You will rediscover harmony and dialogue with your body and expel the tensions.


Each massage is adapted to the person who receives it for a real effect and to allow you to rediscover a dialogue with your body.


The F.F.M.B.E practitioners which intention and aim is the well-being of the person, the use of techniques in the absence of a diagnosis and a therapeutic treatment, are not similar to masso–physiotherapy practice or any medical practice either in the content or in the objective.


Our well-being massages have the vocation to be comfort and relaxation services.


They do not have any sexual or erotic character.


Any proposal likely to modify the charter of ethics of the establishment signed with F.F.M.B.E will consistently be refused and will lead to the immediate stop of the started service.